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Stress Management Course

Conquer Stress. Cultivate Resilience. Transform Lives.

Welcome to the Stress Management Course.

Are you ready to unlock the power within you to overcome stress and foster resilience?

Enroll now in our transformative Stress Management Course and embark on a journey towards a life filled with inner peace, balance, and emotional well-being.

Discover the Comprehensive Toolkit:

In this program, you'll gain access to a comprehensive toolkit designed to equip you with practical strategies and proven techniques to conquer stress and navigate life's challenges with grace.

From evidence-based approaches to personalised solutions, our program provides you with the tools you need to transform stress into strength.

Become a Trusted Advisor:

As a health and wellness coach or practitioner, your expertise in stress management is vital in helping individuals reclaim their lives.

By enrolling in our Stress Management Course, you'll elevate your skills and become a trusted advisor, empowering your clients to overcome stress, cultivate resilience, and embrace a life of well-being.

The Global Pandemic of Stress:
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress has become a global pandemic, impacting individuals across the globe.

Now is the time to take a stand and be part of the solution. Together, let's create a world where stress holds no power over us, and resilience becomes our superpower.

Ready to transform lives, starting with your own?

What You'll Gain:

  • Build resilience to face life's challenges with grace and strength.
  • Master stress management techniques rooted in scientific research.
  • Empower others as a trusted advisor in stress management.
  • Transform lives and create a ripple effect of well-being in your community.

Join us today or try a free sample unit and discover the path to stress-free living, resilience, and a brighter tomorrow.

Enroll Now and Embrace a Healthier, Happier Life of Resilience
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CPD Recognition

This course is recognised for 30 CPD hours with the the UK & International Health Coaching Association (UKIHCA)

Unlocking the Truth About Stress: Navigating a Global Epidemic

With the UN recognising stress as a global epidemic and the World Health Organization identifying it as the foremost challenge to health in our era, there's no denying its pervasive impact.

Surprisingly, while stress is widely acknowledged and commonly experienced, the majority of individuals remain unfamiliar with its true nature and effective strategies for managing it.

It's time to shed light on stress, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to take control.

Cracking the Code of Stress: Understanding its Impact and Empowering Change

Delve into the intricate world of stress, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its psychological and physiological aspects.

Explore its root causes and grasp the profound impact that stress, particularly chronic stress, can have on your overall health and well-being.

Empower Yourself: Master Practical Skills to Conquer Stress and Thrive

Discover the art of stress management, go beyond the theory and apply what you learn immediately to master your stress.

Gain practical applications, expert strategies, and an array of powerful tools that you can not only utilize for your own well-being but also share with others, empowering them to effectively manage their stress.

Embark on a journey of personal growth and become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those around you.
Meet the instructor

Shane Pearson

  • Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP
  • Award Wining Health & Wellness Coach and Trainer
  • Human Potential Coach
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Accredited Thought Leader in Behavioural Change

Meet Shane Pearson: Your Stress Management Expert with nearly two decades of Experience in Transformational Change.
With a unique background rooted in farming, Shane Pearson's journey towards optimizing health and well-being took a transformative turn. Driven by a deep passion for holistic wellness and a keen interest in the mind-body connection, Shane embarked on a comprehensive study of healthcare methods that encompass both the mind and body.
Drawing from his expertise in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Coaching, and Stress Management, Shane offers a multifaceted approach to addressing stress and its impact on well-being. His specialized knowledge and techniques empower individuals to navigate the complexities of stress, fostering resilience and promoting lasting positive change.
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Thanks to the course material I feel confident to manage my own stress better - there is a noticeable improvement since we started. I feel the material provides both the science/physiology and the practical techniques to help others manage their stress too, although I will want to practice and review the content for a few months to build confidence with it.
• Annie
I totally recommend this short course. It is a month's worth of really good information, resources and content easy to follow, understand and apply. I have enjoyed once more studying and I know the skills I have learnt will be very valuable to me now and in the future (not only professionally but also personally :) Thank you!
• Ray
What a comprehensive, informative and very clearly laid out course. It is packed with useful tips, techniques and approaches to equip me with the skills and knowledge to help clients, myself and friends in a meaningful way to master stress to our advantage. The course is extremely thorough and the tutor made it enjoyable to work through. I'm so delighted I signed up. It surpassed my expectations
• Marian
I am sharing this because in the few weeks that I have been learning about stress I have also started to manage my stress and the symptoms have diminished and I am able to use some of that stress in a more positive way. So thank you Shane and thanks to The Wellness Evolution for this great course.
• Olga


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