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Stress Management Course

Learn what stress really is, how it affects the mind & body & what can be done to prevent, manage and control it. 
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Stress Management

  • Quality Assured 
  • CPD and General Interest
  • Estimated 80+ Study Hours
  • Supported Study
  • Self Paced
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CPD Recognition

This course is recognised for 30 CPD hours with the the UK & International Health Coaching Association (UKIHCA)

Stress - a global epidemic!

The UN has declared stress to be a global epidemic whilst the World Health Organisation has said that stress is now the greatest challenge to health of our time. However, despite stress being so widely acknowledged as a major problem and so commonly experienced, very few people really know what stress is and how to control it.

Stress - explained

Designed to give students a thorough understanding of both the psychology and physiology of stress. Explore what causes it and the negative impact that it, especially chronic stress, can have on health and wellness.

Gain practical skills

Learn practical applications of stress management and strategies, techniques and tools that you can use yourself or teach others to manage their stress.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Shane Pearson

  • ANLP Approved Trainer of NLP
  • Health & Wellness Coach and Trainer
  • Human Potential Coach
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Accredited Thought Leader in Behavioural Change

Shane has his roots in farming yet his passion for optimising health and wellbeing and his keen interest in the mind-body connection led him to study health care methods that focus on both mind (NLP, Coaching and Stress Management) and body (Nutritional Therapy and Massage). He now combines his H&W expertise with coaching and behavioural change to help people create lasting positive change to upgrade their life.
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I totally recommend this short course. It is a month's worth of really good information, resources and content easy to follow, understand and apply. I have enjoyed once more studying with IHS and I know the skills I have learnt with the institute will be very valuable to me now and in the future (not only professionally but also personally :) Thank you!!


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