Our Mission is to Help Create a Healthier and Happier World

Embark on a transformative journey of education, empowerment, and personal growth with The Wellness Evolution.

Our mission is to foster a healthier and more joyful world through incremental steps towards lasting positive change, and we invite you to join us on this incredibly important challenge.

At The Wellness Evolution, we firmly believe that well-being is a fundamental right for all individuals, and everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Sadly, when we examine national and global statistics, it becomes clear that our current reality falls short of this ideal!

However, we see this as an opportunity for collective transformation and a Wellness Evolution!

Together, we can challenge the status quo and create a brighter future by embracing wellness as simply a way of life.

Our World is Changing

In an era of rapid global change, technological advancements have revolutionised various aspects of medicine and health, yielding remarkable progress and saving lives.

Nevertheless, alarming trends persist: chronic diseases, mounting stress levels, and deteriorating mental health have reached unprecedented levels.

Recognising the urgency of this global issue, we firmly believe that there is not only a need for action but also a potential for transformative solutions.

So what holds the key to addressing this complex challenge on a global scale?

Educate, Empower and Equip

At The Wellness Evolution (WE), we are dedicated to equipping individuals, health coaches and wellness practitioners with the knowledge, mindset and skills to unlock your/your client's true potential and achieve higher levels of health and wellbeing.

In an ever-evolving world where the prevalence of illness continues to escalate despite advancements in technology, we build our courses with three essential elements that pave the way for individuals to embark on a genuine journey towards healthier and happier lives.

These core elements are:

  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Equipment





At The Wellness Evolution (WE), we are dedicated to really empowering all our users to take back control of the health, well-being and happiness and help others do the same. At the heart of all of our efforts is education.

We believe that the right information that is delivered in the right way and at the right time is a vital piece of the puzzle to create high level wellness. To ensure you get the best quality educational experience  our courses are only written and created by experts in their field who are passionate and have years of experience teaching others.


We also know that 'knowing isn't enough!' and that for a course to be truly transformational it needs to go beyond information alone!

Despite the wealth of information available in Western countries regarding the detrimental effects of unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices on overall health, there is a concerning trend. Chronic diseases linked to lifestyle, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, continue to escalate worldwide, indicating that the rise in these conditions remains a significant challenge.
This is why our courses are also designed with a 'coach approach', focused on empowering the learner to be able to utilise their knowledge and integrate real changes easily into their life.

Drawing on evidence-based practices, we combine the latest research and insights in nutrition, psychology and lifestyle management with our unique coaching model to make your learning experience highly practical and easy to integrate positive change into your life.


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But that is not all!

We also believe that a truly transformative course will also equip you with the right mindset that is primed for growth, resilience, and positive change. In addition to the right mindset, our courses equip you with a diverse array of skills, tools, techniques, strategies, and resources that can be readily applied in your everyday life.
With this comprehensive approach, you will gain the knowledge and understanding needed to make immediate and lasting changes. Whether it's adopting healthier habits, managing stress effectively, improving mental well-being, or enhancing overall lifestyle choices, you will have a robust toolkit at your disposal.
By equipping you with practical skills, actionable strategies, and valuable resources, this transformative course ensures that you not only acquire knowledge but also develop the necessary capabilities to implement positive changes in your life from the very moment you embark on this journey.

Meet our Course Tutors

meet the team

Suzanne Director is passionate about furthering the standards for the training and practice of nutrition and health courses. She graduated with a BSc in Health Sciences: Nutritional Therapy, and is also a qualified Health and Wellness Coach. 

Suzanne Laurie
Shane is the founder of The Wellness Evolution. He is a double award winning coach and an accredited Thought Leader in Behavioural Change. Shane is an experienced Health and Wellness coach, Master Practitioner of NLP and Nutritional Therapist.

Shane Pearson
Aoife is a qualified Nutritional Therapy and has also facilitated public healthy eating courses and worked with companies to provide corporate wellness services. She is also an experienced lecturer and course manager.
Aoife Cronin

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