Kickstart Your Coaching Business with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Ignite Your Coaching Business with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Embark on a transformative journey to kickstart your coaching business with our online course, "Ignite Your Coaching Business with the Power of Artificial Intelligence."

 Join us now to unlock the secrets of a successful coaching business, elevate your skills, and propel your career forward.
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Who is it for

Practitioner level 


6 Live Webinars: Thursdays | 7-9PM 
UK/Irish time

Course length 

6x2hr Live Group Coaching Calls

Start date:

11th May 7-9PM UK/Irish time

Why should I take this course?

This 6-week group coaching program is designed to provide you with the clarity, confidence, and courage you need to attract paying clients and establish a solid foundation for your coaching venture.

Led by double award-winning coach Shane Pearson, this course offers a dynamic learning experience. Through six live webinars and exclusive access to online content, you will be guided through a comprehensive six-stage process that lays the groundwork for your coaching business.

Discover the cutting-edge power of Artificial Intelligence to amplify your coaching practice and unlock new opportunities for growth. Gain insights, strategies, and practical tools that leverage AI to streamline processes, enhance client experiences, and maximize your impact.

 Join us now to unlock the secrets of a successful coaching business, elevate your skills, and propel your career forward.

A 6 week group coaching course that will give you everything you need to kickstart your coaching business. Live weekly group coaching sessions and online content to help you lay the foundations so your coaching business can start to thrive.

Over the 6 weeks you will learn strategies and take actions to:

 Develop your Authentic Brand
 Nail down your Niche
 Learn how to use free A.I. software to help you           create Compelling Offers, Marketing Material             and 10 X your productivity.
 Get clear on Pricing and Positioning
 Learn how to Enrol Clients and close Sales
 Build a Pipeline and create a flow of ideal clients

Live webinars will take place weekly on:
  Thursdays from 7-9pm UK/Irish time
  Starting May 11th '23, ends 16th June '23

Check out the Course Calendar and Schedule in Unit 1 below to check your availability.

Live Weekly Group Coaching

Group Support & Accountability

Online Content & Weekly Actions

6x2hr Live Group Coaching Calls


6 weeks
Thursdays 7-9pm
Starts 11th May



Integrate A.I. to Slash Marketing Costs and Boost Productivity

Get Clarity
Build Confidence
Be Courageous

Lesson series
At the heart of our 6 week group coaching course are three core principles:

1. Clarity
2. Confidence
3. Courage.

We'll help you gain clarity around your coaching business goals, ideal clients and unique value proposition. With a clear understanding of your business and what sets you apart, you'll be better equipped to attract the right clients and build a strong foundation for long-term success.As you gain clarity, you'll also build confidence in yourself and your abilities as a coach.

Our program is designed to help you overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, so that you can step into your role as a confident and capable coach. With our expert guidance and supportive community, you'll have the tools and encouragement you need to grow and thrive.

Finally, we'll help you cultivate the courage to take bold actions and make meaningful progress towards your goals. Building a coaching business takes time and effort, and it can be easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed. But with the support of our program and the courage to keep pushing forward, you'll be able to overcome any obstacles in your path and achieve the success you deserve.

You will also learn how to integrate the power of recent advances in artificial intelligence. We will show you how to use free A.I. software to create professional level marketing material and to boost your productivity and efficiency.

So if you're ready to gain clarity, build confidence, and cultivate courage in your coaching business, join us for our 6 week group coaching course today!

What's included?

  • 6 Live 2hr Webinars 
  • 1 Certification
  • Weekly content  
  • Videos
  • Worksheets

Power Up with A.I.

Learn how to use the power of free A.I. software to:
Create professional level marketing material without the need of hiring paid experts or trying to write copy yourself.
10 X your productivity

Authentic Brand

Build your own authentic brand from the heart. Align with your core strengths and recognise your true value to create high impact coaching services that sell.

Course contents


What Natalie Said 

Natalie Tsolaki - Health & Wellness Coach and Chronic Pain Expert
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Meet the instructor

Shane Pearson

Shane Pearson is an award winning coach and experienced coach trainer. With nearly two decades of experience in the field of coaching and having trained over 250 Health and Wellness coaches he has a vast amount of experience as a coach as well as working with groups. 

Shane decided to leave his previous career as a full time farmer to pursue his passion in helping others improve their lives. He knows first hand what is involved in building a coaching business from scratch and now mentors and coaches trained coaches to help them develop their authentic coaching brand and create thriving businesses.

Patrick Jones - Course author
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