Simple Steps to: Happier Living

What is happiness? How happy you are? Can you make yourself happier? Explore the science and art of happiness with the Wellness Evolution.
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Explore and Learn

Explore what happiness is and what it means to you. Find out how happy you are and where there is room for growth and development. 

Learn proven techniques for building happiness and wellbeing. Find out the best way to increase and maintain your own personal happiness.

Coach Yourself

Use the challenges, tools and techniques in the course to coach yourself towards long term change.

Flexibility and Support

Make changes at your own pace with our exercises and tools to help you stay on track. Avail of weekly online support from a qualified practitioner.
Meet the instructor

Suzanne Laurie

Suzanne has a BSc in Health Sciences: Nutritional Therapy. She has worked as a therapist and lecturer in Nutritional Therapy at a number of institutes and universities in the UK and Ireland. Suzanne is also a qualified health and wellness coach and personally instigated the introduction of the first recognised health and wellness coaching qualification to Ireland. She has completed advanced training in this area and incorporated the key skills from this exciting discipline into this courses. Suzanne has also graduated as a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology with Bucks New University.
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