Estimated 80 hours of learning

Coaching Skills for Everyday Life

Learn how to change your mindset and areas of your life using key coaching skills and techniques 
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Enhance your life

Learn how a ‘growth’ and ‘coaching’ mindset can enhance relationships, communication, career and wellness and the key elements of effective communication


Provide support and guidance to empower individuals in unlocking their fullest potential whilst accomplishing their personal and professional goals.


Understand the underpinning theories behind wellness coaching including positive psychology, mindfulness, growth mindset, readiness for change theory & goal setting and how wellness coaching skills can successfully be applied in different personal & professional settings
Meet the instructor

Suzanne Laurie

Suzanne is passionate about furthering the standards for the training and practice of nutrition and health courses. She graduated from the University of Westminster with a BSc in Health Sciences: Nutritional Therapy in 2002. Since qualifying she has worked as a therapist and lecturer in Nutritional Therapy at a number of institutes and universities in the UK and Ireland. Suzanne worked on the team at Thames Valley University, successfully developing one of the first degree programmes in Nutritional Therapy in the UK. Suzanne is also a qualified health and wellness coach and personally instigated the introduction of the first recognised health and wellness coaching qualification to Ireland. She has since completed advanced training in this area and incorporated the key skills from this exciting discipline into this course.
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A thought-provoking introduction to coaching. It was very well written and well structured throughout with a good blend of supporting media and additional written resources. It provides really useful tools that you can apply to your own life and to work situations straight away. If you're ready to put in the work and use the tools presented, it is a fantastic course that will help you start to make the changes you want to see in your life. I would highly recommend it.
Just to say a huge thanks for a wonderful course. It's jam-packed with useful and very relevant material. I am looking forward to using it to help my clients and for myself and my hubby. It convinced me me to sign up for another CPD course with yourselves. A huge appreciation for all the effort in compiling this information.
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