That's a question that's very easy to answer

1). Because it works
2). Because right now we are seeing a remarkable surge in both public and professional interest in the profession
3). Because, if you are already an existing healthcare practitioner, you can become a coach quickly and easily

Coaching really is going mainstream! 

IHS believe that Health and wellness coaching is vital to the future of healthcare. And we are not alone. In the USA, the coaching profession has leapt from obscure and poorly understood to well-recognised, increasingly well researched and well respected in a relatively short space of time. And it is rapidly gaining popularity in countries such as the UK, Australia and Canada, where many healthcare professionals and bodies are incorporating it’s use into everyday practice.

Why? Put simply, it’s because health and wellness coaching works. People want to change the results they are getting in their lives. They want to be fitter, healthier and live longer. But they are confused and need help getting where they want to go. They find that the current healthcare approach is often letting them down, berating them for their lifestyle choices, admonishing them for their ‘failings’.

Coaches recognise that change itself is challenging, that life often gets in the way and that information on how to live a healthier life is confusing, conflicting and often sounds downright dull! They are an ally to their clients and help them make long term lifestyle changes one step at a time, offering accountability, support and encouragement all along the way.

The result? Happy clients – who find they can make long term lifestyle changes they have never before been able to make. And happy practitioners – no more wasting time, energy and frustration in the futility of trying to persuade people to change. Because the thing is, you cannot persuade anyone to change – they have to find their own intrinsic motivation to do so…and that’s what coaching is all about!

Still concerned that ‘coaching’ is just an obscure healthcare fad? Remember when acupuncture was considered a bit ‘out there’, and yoga and mindfulness were just ‘eccentric’ pastimes. Fast forward 15-20 years and these are all mainstream practices – because they work. And so does coaching – it’s here to stay.

As an existing healthcare practitioner (or if you are working in a similar or allied field) you can become a certified Health and Wellness Coach in as little as 6 months (part-time study). Why? Because coaching is based on key interpersonal and communication skills that you probably already have. Your coach training simply helps grow and develop these qualities into core coaching skills. You can then start delivering value as a coach very quickly.

So why train as a health and wellness coach now? Coaching is becoming mainstream. It is being researched as a key component of healthcare strategies to help manage the ever-growing global chronic disease epidemic. And the research consistently demonstrates that it is often the difference that makes the difference. The health coaches of today are ahead of the curve. They are developing and honing their skills, growing their client base, building their reputation in the industry. Why not join them and ride the wave of this exciting, innovative and growing healthcare discipline?So the question you should probably really be asking is – why NOT become and Health and Wellness Coach?

Have You Got What it Takes to Coach? As a coach you need to care. About people, about health and about helping others be the best they can be. You need to see possibilities where others see challenges, be creative and resourceful, and you need to be prepared to challenge individuals to dig deep and find their own positive, resourceful and creative self.

Coaching is a great fit for you if you:
1. Are ready to embrace your own personal growth.
Coaching is about helping others improve their wellbeing but a knock-on effect is your own personal journey. You don’t have to be “perfect” to become a coach, but you DO need to be interested in growing, learning, and developing as a practitioner and person.

2. Love learning.
Coaching is without doubt a learning experience from start to finish. You learn from every client and are constantly looking for new solutions to unique challenges. If you view life as one big learning experience – then this is the career for you.

3. Have a positive outlook on life. 
If you have a natural ability to see the positive in a situation, believe that everyone can reach their full potential and are constantly moving forward in life – whatever that looks like – then you have a natural coach in you just waiting to emerge! A coach helps their client to see their highest potential and to take positive action to reach it.

4. Are goal-driven and have purpose.
Coaches enjoy having a personal mission and purpose in life. They know that every day they improve their own life and the lives of people around them. They get a buzz out of watching their clients grow and reach their own goals and love nothing more than sharing that journey.

5. Love the idea of a flexible varied career. 
Coaching offers the ultimate in flexibility. Every day is different. Every client has different needs and goals. You can choose your working hours, how you consult with clients (in person, online or in groups) and who you work with – you may like total variety or may choose to work with a niche group e.g. individuals with a particular chronic condition or challenge.

Sound like you? Then you are probably going to be a natural coach. You may just need help turning your natural traits into effective skills and communication strategies for helping elicit real and lasting change. Our Health and Wellness Coach training provides you with a framework, processes and key consultation paperwork into which you can fit the skills and interests you already have – and that will allow you to build a flexible and exciting career with them.

Working as a coach can offer an incredible quality of life and really is a ‘work anywhere’ career.

Your Exciting New Career is Just Around the Corner. One of the best things about a coaching career? Once you are certified you can start straight away, from wherever you want, whenever you want. Here’s why:
1. Coaching is low risk
Because you can coach remotely, from home or part-time you can build your coaching practice alongside your current day job, with no risk to your current income or job security. Or you may be incorporating into your current role, by adding coaching to an existing healthcare practice or therapy. This opens up a whole new client base to you as everyone can benefit from coaching – whatever their health and wellness goals/challenges.

2. Coaching requires minimal investment 
All you need to get started? a) clients b) your coaching skills. That’s it – no room hire (unless you choose it), no expensive equipment, no fuss. Coaches can create a thriving practice from home without having to make substantial purchases. The chances are that you already have an existing client-base and contacts list so advertising your new service should be straightforward. IHS also offer a very popular add-on unit in Entrepreneurship which has given countless students and graduates practical tips, information and inspiration on building a successful healthcare practice. Running your own business is always a commitment and requires dedication, but the principles and practice of coaching in itself should help you build and maintain the confidence, drive, goal setting skills and accountability to do this successfully and positively.

3. You decide when you work and where you work
You really can design your coaching practice around your life. Whether you have another profession, a busy family life, or hobbies you love to pursue, coaching gives you flexibility to practice when you want.

You can also take full advantage or the new ‘work anywhere’ trend. Want to work from home? Absolutely – you can conduct consultations on Skype or the phone. Do you spend time in different countries throughout the year (or would like to!)? No problem – successful coaches have clients globally. Like the idea of combining face-to-face and remote consultations? This is possible too. Many coaches work from different venues at different times of the week e.g. from a clinic base, from home, from a corporate venue offering workplace wellness consultations. You really can design a career to suit you.

The sky really is the limit with coaching. As an add-on to another healthcare discipline it can transform your practice. Every day you can help people make long-term significant changes to their lives. And the best bit? What you will learn as a coach will help build your own confidence, get rid of your gremlins, and give you insight into behaviours that may be holding you back and creating road blocks in your life. The network of coaching peers that you will naturally develop along your journey will be invaluable in helping you turn your dreams in goals and your goals into reality. What are you waiting for?!

Why study coaching at IHS?
We work in partnership with Real Balance Global Wellness Services. Real Balance is one of the US’s top Health and Wellness Coaching training institutes, having trained 1000s of coaches around the Globe. Their director, Dr Michael Arloski is a licensed psychologist and one of the founding fathers of the Health and Wellness Coaching industry. He is very active in forwarding the profession both in the US and around the world and ensuring professional standards and recognition.

Find out more at or why not listen to our latest podcast episode with IHS Health and Wellness Coaching graduate Liz Holland discussing her favourite coaching techniques. 
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