Welcome to IHS Insight Sessions

Explore a variety of case studies relating to typical clients. Covering initial and follow-up consultations, nutrition analysis, supplements (NLC approved) and referrals and collaboration. Each case study will be followed by a practical and informative workshop.

In Each Insight Session

  • Case Study
  • Initial Consultation + Follow-up
  • Dietary Analysis
  • Supplement Discussion
  • Alternative Approaches based on Progress
  • Discussion Topic

2023 Schedule

Collaborate with peers and experts on typical nutrition and lifestyle cases. Whether you are just starting out, want current information on a certain topic or just want to be with your tribe, each session has something for everyone. Insight Sessions cover a presentation around a typical client and their process through the nutrition and lifestyle process. After the case, there will be a relevant discussion topic bringing in up to date information.

14 January 2023: Perimenopause

A case study of a perimenopausal woman struggling to get support within orthodox healthcare environment.

11 March 2023: 
Weekend Warrior

A case study of a male in early 20s, “weekend warrior” wishing to gain weight. Diet and lifestyle not supporting activity levels.

13 May 2023:

A case study of a plant-based client within a meat-eating family concerned about nutrient profile.

9 July 2023: 

A case study of a 30-something female with worsening PMS wanting to improve her health before starting a family.

10 September 2023: 

A case study of a male, early-60s overweight and stressed. Pre-diabetic with high cholesterol.

12 November 2023:
Busy Mum

A case study of a busy working mum who is struggling with lack of self-care and feeding a family on a budget.
 Insight Sessions are intended for people already in the field of nutrition and health advice or coaching. This is industry-based-collaboration rather than training. Access is available for 6 months from the live date

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For nutrition and health advisors and coaches looking to support and build their practice. We will facilitate regular case study reviews and business support lessons to help you grow your knowledge, skills and business.
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