We're Here to Help You Make Positive Changes to Your Diet and Lifestyle 1 Step (and industry expert) at a Time

At IHS we have always said that wellness doesn't need to be complicated. By taking small steps in the right direction you can achieve BIG results and maintain changes in the long term. So we decided to tell more people about our approach to health and wellness with our monthly podcast. Our goal is simple - to provide you with practical and realistic advice on nutrition and lifestyle that WORKS. On each episode we feature an expert in the field of wellness and cover everything from nutrition, stress management, exercise and movement, sleep, coaching and more.

Recent episodes have included:
  • Want Lasting Lifestyle Change? Get a Coach
  • The End of Fussy Eating. What Every Parent Needs to know
  • Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet the Easy Way
  • Can You Thrive Rather Than Just Survive During Lockdown?

IHS and our monthly guests are here to help you reach your wellness goals one small step at a time, so head to https://instituteofhealthsciences.com/simple-steps-to-wellness-podcasts/ to find out more and let us know what you think.
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